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AEC Voting Centre Surfers Paradise Polling Booth 2022

AEC Voting Centre, Surfers Paradise Polling Booth

Address: 3142 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia 4217

  • This polling place has unimpeded, step-free access to the building.
  • The building entrance is on the same level as the travel path from the street.
  • The path of travel to the building is level, firm, and obstacle free.
  • The voting/activity area is on the same level as the entrance.
  • There is unimpeded, step-free access from the building entrance to the voting/activity area
  • AEC Polling Centre Wide shot from Cavil Tram Station, One Minute walk from Station

     500 early voting centres are in operation across Australia during a two-week early voting period that started last Monday.

    The Australian Electoral Commission is urging voters to plan their vote with Electoral Commissioner, outlining the range of COVID-19 safety measures in place.

    “Australian elections are in-person events – once every three years the country comes together in a transparent and secure environment to have their say

    AEC Website Candidates

    House of Representatives candidates

    QLD Moncrieff, Please go to AEC Website for Candidates

    1. Angie BELL Liberal National Party of Queensland

    2. Leeanne SCHULTZ Pauline Hanson's One Nation

    3. James TAYLER Australian Federation Party

    7. Diane DEMETRE Liberal Democratic Party

    9. Diane Olga HAPP United Australia Party

    It's outrageous that people can Vote without ID,

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