Surfers Paradise Boulevard 10 July 2010

Surfers Paradise Boulevard two-way traffic facing the then-new Hilton west tower, Also you will notice cars parking where the G: Link lig... Read More

Surfers Paradise Blvd 8 May 2010

Surfers Paradise Blvd and Cavill Ave, two-way Traffic with Cosmopolitan Hotel and Islander Hotels in view. Surfers Paradise Blvd two... Read More

Surfers Paradise Beach 2010

Surfers Paradise Lifeguard Tower 10 July 2010 Surfers Paradise Beach 10 July 2010 This photo is an important part of history of Surf... Read More

Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise 2010

Hardrock Cafe Surfers Paradise 8 May 2010 Hard Rock Cafe Music themed restaurant opened in 1996, The walls are covered with Rock and Roll... Read More

Clock Hotel Surfers Paradise 2010

Clock Hotel 10 July 2010 The Clock Hotel is a 3 level Bar, Bistro, Gaming and Function centre Every Hour the clock rings with an Austral... Read More

Hilton Hotel and Soul Construction July 2010

Hilton Hotel 57 Floor Orchid East Tower and Soul 77 Floor Esplanade Tower Construction.  Photo stamp10 July 2010 Camera location crossro... Read More

Hilton Hotel Construction July 2010

Hilton Hotel Construction Photo 10 July 2010 View from Surfers Paradise Boulevard,  The Hilton Tower called the Orchid east  was underta... Read More

Hilton Hotel Construction 8 May 2010

Hilton Hotel construction photo 8 May 2010 on  Orchid  Avenue. The Hilton tower called the Orchid  east  tower was undertaken by ANZ ... Read More

Soul Tower Construction 2 june 2011

Soul  Tower is a 243 m tall 77 Floor residential  tower  on  the  Esplanade sitting 220 meters above   Surfers Paradise  Beach.   Read More

Soul Tower Construction 8 May 2010

The soul is a 243 m (797 ft) tall residential tower on the   Esplanade facing Surfers Paradise Beach. The  77  Floor tower was d... Read More

Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise 2010

Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise 10 July 2010 41/2 Star Hotel formerly ANA Hotel . In this video about the 5 Minute mark, You can  see  w... Read More

Surfers Paradise Beach Destroyed 14/3/13 Video and Photo

The King tides have stop and this is what is left of  Surfers Paradise Beach. Also in this photo', you can see the old Iluka Hotel t... Read More

King Tides Total Wipeout Gold Coast Beaches 4/3/2013

They say a Picture tells a story after January  and February wild weather the Gold Coast gets hit again by King Tides. Total Wipeou... Read More

King Tides Hit Surfers Beach 2013

King Tides wipe out Surfers Paradise Beach 25 January 2013 Probably the worst weather The event I can remember in 20 years Read More

Tamborine Mountain Drive

Tamborine Mountain Heavy Cloud Cover The video was Captured on the 26 Feb 2013 at 7am in the morning and Driving Conditions are very Ba... Read More

Surfers Paradise Ferris Wheel

Surfers Paradise Ferris Wheel Photos Taken on the 4th February 2013, The Ferris wheel was a bit of Lemon  it was a nice structure but ... Read More

Surfers Paradise 15 December 2012

View Street and Surfers Paradise Boulevard Balcony View of Cross Roads Of Hanlan Street and Surfers Paradise Boulevard Balcony ... Read More

Cyclone Oswald tail Hits Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Day 2/ 28 January 2013   Still been Smash by Cyclone Oswald Tail, In this video' you can view the Intense pressure... Read More

Cyclone Oswald Tail Smashers Surfers Paradise 2013

Cyclone Oswald Tail Hits Surfers Paradise  Day 1/27 January 2013 I filmed this from my Balcony I could barely put my camera out the Gla... Read More

Surfers Beach New Year Fireworks 2013

Surfers Beach Midnight Fireworks 2013 Bumper Crowds come to Surfers Paradise to say Goodbye  to 2012  and bring in a New Year 2013. Pe... Read More

Surfers Beach Wet Season 2013

Surfers Paradise Beach 2013 Harsh Wet Season Southeast Queensland cops a battering from a long Wet  Season, From a Cyclone Oswald in Jan... Read More