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Wanted: Queenslanders to do an extraordinary job as foster carers

Pic of Debbie and Steve

More than 600 Queenslanders have enquired about becoming a foster carer this year in response to a campaign calling for more carers to open their hearts and homes to vulnerable children.


A foster carer recruitment campaign, featuring carers like Debbie and Steve from Brisbane, is calling for everyday Queenslanders to take on the extraordinary job.


Queensland has more than 6,000 carer families who come from all walks of life, but more are needed to help provide stable and safe homes for at-risk children and young people.


The recruitment campaign – We need more foster carers, like you – showcases the stories of real carers who have opened their homes to young people in care.


This includes married couples with children of their own, de facto couples, single parents, LGBTIQA+ community members and First Nations carers.


Whether it is short or long-term care for children or teenagers, carers are provided with training and support through specialist agencies.


They also get a tax-free fortnightly allowance to help meet the needs of young people placed in their homes.


Quotes attributable to Child Safety Minister Craig Crawford:

“I am so proud of Queensland’s foster and kinship carers and their tireless commitment to our most vulnerable children.

“Carers are the backbone of our child protection system, and we value them enormously.

“Sadly, the number of children coming into care continues to rise, which is why we are always looking for more carers to provide safe and loving homes for young people who can no longer remain safely with their family.

“I want to say thank you to the more than six hundred Queenslanders who have expressed an interest in becoming carers this year already– this is the first and most important step towards becoming a carer and changing the life of a child forever.

“Through this latest campaign I hope we can inspire even more Queenslanders to consider taking on this incredibly rewarding role because we can never have too many carers.

“It is stories like Debbie and Steve’s, and thousands more throughout the state, that best explain why being a foster carer can make such a difference.

“As Nelson Mandela said: “there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”.”

Quotes attributable to Brisbane foster carers Debbie and Steve, parents to five biological children who have been carers for 21 years:

As long as you’ve got that love, that care, that compassion and patience and time, you can become a carer,” said Debbie.

“Out of the whole 21 years, we wouldn’t change anything. There's always been ups and downs, but overall, we've just loved every experience that we've had and every child that we've had in our care.”

Steve said: “There’s many reasons why kids come into care. We're not there to take them away from mum or dad, or nan or pop. It's just because of the situation they're in at this time.

“We’re there to look after the child and provide for them a nice environment, spend time with them, do things with them, take them out, give them a nice warm bed and plenty of food.

“Seeing our own children grow up in this environment – it's been an amazing experience for them too.

“It's not about jumping in there, thinking you're going to come along and save every little child. It's about opening up your heart, your home, your lives to these little children.

“Let’s help one at a time and let’s do the best we can do.

“Without us, where would the kids go?”

Explainer/fast fact and or further information:

Anyone interested in becoming a foster carer should visit www.qld.gov.au/fostercare or call Queensland Foster and Kinship Care 

on 1300 550 877.

Attribution: statements.qld.gov.au/

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