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(QPS) Awards for Excellence in Policing were recently awarded to publicly acknowledge

Detective Senior Sergeant Kentwell was recognised for her dedication in her role

Awards for Excellence in Policing were recently awarded to publicly acknowledge and reward the achievements of individuals who are contributing to improvements in policing and law enforcement and helping to ensure policing services are enhanced for women.

The 21st Excellence in Policing awards ceremony took place on Wednesday evening, September 4 and was held in conjunction with the 2019 Australasian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP) Conference in Canberra.
Among the award recipients, four Queensland Police Service members were recognised for their efforts in four different categories.
The Most Outstanding Female Investigator Award was awarded to Detective Senior Sergeant Tara Kentwell for her dedication and professionalism applied to achieving exceptional results in cold case homicide investigations.

Senior Sergeant Melanie Wilkins received the award for Most Outstanding Female Administrator. Through her work supporting and encouraging diversity within law enforcement, Senior Sergeant Wilkins supports the recognition of women in the awards sphere.

Senior Sergeant Wilkins receiving her award for Most Outstanding Female Administrator
Principal Strategy Officer Michelle Hayes was acknowledged for outstanding academic record, experience in the criminal justice system and delivering a practical ‘field performance’ evaluation of the utility of GPS-enabled technology in a Queensland domestic and family violence context. For her efforts, she was awarded the Excellence in Research on Improving Law Enforcement for Women Award.

The Integrity and Courage Award was awarded to Detective Senior Constable Amanda Watt for having the courage required to improve the community and law enforcement for everyone.
As this year’s awardee, Detective Senior Constable Watt was recognised for her devotion to investigating criminal and corrupt behaviour in the corrections environment.

In doing so, Detective Senior Constable Watt has shown courage and integrity in complex situations and has particularly defied risk to her personal safety and demonstrated great courage and commitment to treating all fairly through the judicial and incarceration process, despite facing adversity.
Congratulations to all award winners on their outstanding achievements.

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