24 September 2018

Queensland Police Service are delighted to introduce you to our cutest new recruits

Queensland Police Service are delighted to introduce you to our cutest new recruits

Introducing the P Litter!

myPolice on Sep 24, 2018 The Queensland Police Service are delighted to introduce you to our cutest new recruits, the P Litter of puppies!

Born on July 24, the litter is made up of three males – Punch, Pistol and Phate – and five females – Pammy, Pearl, Phoenix, Prada and Pepper. The pups are adorably learning their surroundings and beginning their vital socialisation training with their foster carers, in preparation for becoming QPS general purpose Police Dogs (PDs).
The birth of the P Litter welcomes a new era of breeding for the QPS Dog Squad with their mum, PD Xena, being the first active working police dog to fall pregnant and give birth to a litter of pups, in QPS history.

Proud mum, PD Xena along with equally proud handler, Sergeant Ash Purvey.
The pups father is also a serving PD, Reko. PD Reko is based out of the Sunshine Coast Dog Squad and has had a very successful career thus far, with his responsibility in tracking and locating offenders including a recent case in July, where he tracked an offender through dense bushland in Kenilworth.
The Dog Squad continues to play an integral role to the QPS with their involvement resulting in up to 1200 arrests each year.
Currently, the QPS has 103 working police dogs consisting of German Shepherds, Labradors and Springer Spaniels.
So far in 2018, the QPS dog squad has had 47 puppies born from five litters of future crime fighters.
Now at eight weeks old, the P Litter pups are destined to spend the next 12 – 18 months with their foster carers. After this time, they will join the dog squad full time and begin their operational duty training.
Good luck P Litter, we wish you a long and successful career!
Source: myPolice Queensland Police News

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