18 April 2019

How to Share a YouTube Video Playlist

How to Share a YouTube Video Playlist  Using EMBED Code
How to Share a YouTube Video Playlist 2018 onto a Website, A Step by Step Tutorial YouTube New Website.

YouTube website is sending me Bonkers it's getting more difficult to Navigate around as it seems to be changing every three months. To Embed a Playlists has changed again and I've researched how to share a Playlist and all the articles I've read through Search Engine and YouTube results are outdated. 

 Youtube says we need to do it this way by Grabbing the YouTube Playlist URL Code and placing it into the Embed iframe Code, To make this easy I have implemented the code below the Sample Image in Red and Yellow Colours

YouTube Play List Example
Copy and Paste the YouTube EMBED Iframe Code onto a NotePad and then Grab the Playlist Code shown on this Image and Paste it into the Yellow Highlighted Area with the Red underscores. Once you have done that Copy the Whole Code and Paste it into your Website and that's it.

Still Confused then please watch the Video, External Video Link YouTube EMBED iframe Code <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Copy Code above ^^^^^ 

This has been Tested and I'm using it on my own Websites, You shouldn't have any problems if you do it Exactly the way shown in Video. Hey, I hope I've helped you if so give us alike.

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