17 January 2018

Nagir Island off the tip of Cape York Peninsula known crocodile country

Be Crocwise Video Important safety information about crocodiles.

aussietrekImportant safety information about crocodiles.

DES received a report on Monday 15 January that a man had been diving for fish when a crocodile lunged at him, lacerating his hands and arms as he fought it off. The man was transported to Thursday Island Hospital before being moved to Cairns Hospital for surgery.
Ms Enoch said she understood the man was in a stable condition, and that the animal was located and euthanised in a challenging operation which included land and vessel-based patrols over two nights.
“DES wildlife officers, assisted by the Queensland Police Service, located the target animal near Nagir Island during a spotlight patrol on Monday night,” Ms Enoch said.
“Difficult tides hampered efforts to approach the animal on the first night, but wildlife officers were able to remove the crocodile at around 10pm last night in a follow-up patrol using a smaller boat.
“This was a challenging operation and involved close cooperation between DES wildlife officers, Torres Shire Council and the Queensland Police Service, who provided invaluable support to achieve a swift outcome. I’d like to thank council and the police for their assistance in this operation.”
Ms Enoch said DES wildlife officers were able to respond quickly, in spite of the remote location, as they were already in the area providing ongoing croc management assistance to Torres Shire Council.
“Torres Shire Council holds a crocodile management authority, and wildlife officers have been working with council officers and Queensland Police to train them in contemporary crocodile management,” she said.
The Torres Strait is well within known crocodile country. DES strongly reminds people to be mindful of crocodile habitat as no waterway in croc country can ever be considered free of crocodiles.
Crocodile sightings can be reported to DES on 1300 130 372. The department investigates all crocodile reports it receives.

Attribution Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts

The Honourable Leeanne Enoch

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