Friday, 12 August 2016

Light Rail Cavill Avenue April 2013

Light Rail Construction GPS 3105 Surfers Paradise Boulvard
Light Rail Construction GPS 3105 Surfers Paradise Blvd and Cavill Avenue, Underground services are yet to begin at the crossroads.
In this photo underground infrastructure services completed behind the safety fence and the plan is all Crossroads through Surfers Paradise will start construction on underground services and eventual will join together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Surfers Paradise Blvd and Cavill Crossroads.
The condition of the road tells the story, Large Heavy machinery traffic driving over this section of road for many months ducking the heavy Tourist foot traffic in the Centre of Surfers Paradise. 

Facing north surfers Paradise Boulevard.
So we are at the crossroads of the light Rail construction.
On the left of the photo underground services are completed and in the coming months concrete will be laid for the light Rail tracks and Cavill Avenue Tram Station will start construction later on in the year.

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